Shame i'm 15...

...and have never driven and or been in a malaise era car.
But my dad has!
He used to work in Kuwait, where his company car was a '79 Capriece, in the same color combo as this one!

And when this thing was busted for one reason or another, this was his loaner car:


Well, not that exact one, but I have it on good authority that it was a 1981 Pontiac firebird, that the Kuwaiti who let my dad drive it pulled out the stock 4.3 and automatic, and crammed in a lightly modified 4.9L Turbocharged engine, and 4 speed 'box. No specifics on the car, but my dad says that it was in the 250-290hp region. Not good by today's standards, but plenty fast for a straight desert road in the middle of nowhere

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