Wow, $5k CAD for a little Autobianchi/FIAT 500 Giardiniera?

1977 would have been the last year for the classic 500 - the non-wagon 500s stopped production in 1975, but the Giardiniera 500s stayed in production until ‘77 under the Autobianchi branding.

This one is in Quebec - looks pretty decent in the pics and it seems legit as the car in the pics does have Quebec plates on the back. A description seemingly doesn’t exist, other than the word ‘Vendu’, which translates to ‘Sold’ in French......guessing it’s already sold then, and the OP didn’t know how to delete the ad.


It’s a shame though - as small as it is, one of these little Estates would be a ton of character, charm and smiles for not a lot of money at $5k! :)

Hope it went to a good home!