*Update* Supposedly you can see the show on youtube right now, at least until the BBC takes it down if they’re vigilant. Skip to about 15:00 if you so desire.

I *may* have mentioned the other day that the BBC in cooperation with PBS is doing a show called “Autumnwatch” - apparently a nature show about, well, the changing seasons - here in New England this year, and they took my truck for a day to go drive around, look at foliage, and visit some cultural and historical sites. Whew! That was a long sentence.

More to the point, the BBC’s first LIVE episode aired tonight, and my truck was featured in a 5+minute long pre-recorded bit! It was cool to see, and bizarre at the same time. I thought it looked pretty good, as it tends to from a few feet back. They do talk about the truck, briefly. If you have access to BBC iplayer, you can see it on there, it starts about 16 minutes in. PBS will supposedly air a similar bit, but I have no way of knowing how it will compare. At first I figured they would have wanted a nicely restored... anything (?) but seeing how they used it, the truck’s character - and color - really fit what they were doing.

The rest is all about the local wildlife, and they’re based on the lake that I spend much of my summer on. In fact, their studio is in one of the main camp buildings where I went to summer camp years ago, and then worked for years after that. Apparently they have something like 32 live wildlife cameras all over the grounds, and 3 miles of fiber optic cable linking it all together. It’s quite the operation and we’ve been offered a tour, so we’ll go over later this week.


At risk of violating a whole host of copyright laws, I’ll just share one, okay two screenshots of the truck in action (how mad can they be, I’m promoting the show). As I mentioned, PBS is doing a similar thing later this week, but I don’t know how much they’re showing of the truck as compared to the BBC bit.