Shameless Plug: Ski Jumping Edition

Feel free to ignore me, but I wanted to share this here because why not?

I am the coach for the local high school ski jumping team here in Plymouth, New Hampshire. About two weeks ago, I learned that they had inspected the jump over the summer, declared it unsafe and got a quote to tear it down. I learned this just hours before it went in front of the school board for a decision, which they wisely delayed pending a public hearing.


It’s important to note that we used this jump in February of this year.

This sport - and the jump itself - means so much to the students who participate, and to the greater community.

The US Olympic jumping team comes out of programs like ours. Without access to facilities like this, there is no Olympic team. Even for those with no higher ambitions (or abilities) beyond high school cite their participation in this sport as the highlight of their time in highschool, some even say it was the ONLY thing they liked.

We’re meeting again tonight with the school board to discuss the future of the jump. I want to bowl them over with the amount of support I can show them.

Don’t click on this link if you’re bored and just want to be a statistic. But if you believe in the value of high school sports, and in particular this unique sport that only exists at the high school level in New Hampshire, please do add your name to our petition.


Thanks for reading this far!…

The Pemi-Baker School Board has deemed the ski jump at the high school unsafe and has a quote to tear it down!


We want to explore fixing and maintaining it now and for future jumpers.

By signing this petition, you are simply showing your support for this facility and the critical role it plays in the continued success of the team.


Please note we are NOT asking for any donations at this time.

Thank you for your signature!

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