For anyone else here who has ever been to Mid-Ohio, you may know Tommy from driving school. He is amazing and most people have no idea who he is. I’ve had the honor to have been around him 4 days one week when driver Lee Davis was learning the track from him. I was getting to hang out and help a crew there over several years, plus on a few other occasions got to briefly talk to Tommy. For those lucky enough to have met him on either side of the pond, I hope you savored the moment because he is a phenomenal driver with a fantastic racing background. I was lucky to pry some of those experiences from him while sitting with him by “The Keyhole”during the NASA races one year, stories of racing and growing up in Ireland. Such a great guy. He has instructed for years at his school in Florida and at Mid-Ohio many summers. If you are in the market for driving courses his in-car and video replay training is top of the line.


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