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Sharing - Rules and Guidelines

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Kinja allows anyone who is an author on a forum to share posts and comments to that forum. In days past this was a two way street where authors were trusted to know what to share AND unshare, with the latest revision to Kinja it seems thats changed. With that in mind the moderators of this fine forum have come up with a set of rules and guidelines for sharing.


First to sum up how kinja sharing [currently] works:

  • Anyone can choose to share any post or comment to a blog they are an author on.
  • Only admins (moderators and owners) of that blog can unshare comments and posts.
  • Sharing, if you aren’t already aware, is a direct link only to the content and there is no way to comment directly to the person who shared it.

With these in mind we have some new rules and guidelines for how to share content.

To clarify terms:

Gawker properties - paid authors, the stuff you see in the top bar.

Personal kinja properties - Still part of gawker and the kinjaverse, but are run by users. Generally speaking personal properties on kinja are going to all be roughly the same size an scale which is the important distinction worth making between the two. Also, please respect other communities guidelines for sharing content to AND from them.

1. Do NOT share posts from gawker properties directly without context. We love some of the cool stories that happen around the kinjaverse and there are some really interesting and important thought pieces that are absolutely worthy of discussion here in Oppo. WE DO NOT want to limit Oppo to the benefits of these discussions. However, knowing that you cannot comment directly to the author who shared the post which means no conversation is permitted to happen in Oppo. Without a way to comment in oppo, its essentially just spam. Direct shares from gakwer properties will be unshared regardless of its merit.

Instead, please share interesting posts from gawker properties as editorials. Write a new post for Oppo, and link to the story in the body of the post along with some of your thoughts. Give us your take on it, tell us why you think its important, tell us why you think its stupid if you want (bearing in mind the shit posting rule)....just tell us something about it other than it exists and give us the opportunity to comment on it here where you shared it. A person who would otherwise click through a blind share will not be dissuaded from clicking through on your editorialized post. As with the first point, this isn’t a means to limit the kinds of things we talk about here, it simply allows them to actually BE talked about here.


2. Sharing can and does occur between personal properties including weekly crossthreads, personal blog posts and other smaller niche properties like LiveAndLetDieCast and Overland&Expedition to name a few. Please share thoughtfully and consider the rules of the community you are sharing from and to. Keep sharing volumes reasonable, and if you are sharing your own content or hosting a cross post please work to ensure that people you hope to have commenting on your post are welcomed and ungrayed as appropriate.

3. With regards post re-shares and comments shares, we ask that you stick to the guidelines and rules already laid out by Gamecat laid out below.


Please do not share any post more than once after its original publication, with the following exceptions:

  • If you shared your post, and due to Kinja issues, it was not seen as it was meant to be presented, in these cases, preface your reshare with an explanation. We understand that kinja works in mysterious ways (and Nibbles is still with us, somewhere).
  • If there is a theme day and after a time less than four hours your post is more than 6 pages back.
  • For posts which are recurring and benefit the community as a whole (such as posts from moderators discussing the community, like this one) or benefiting a subgroup of the community in organizing an event (meetups, for instance) then slightly more periodic resharing may be appropriate. However when in doubt about this, please ask before sharing.
  • If more than one week has passed from the date of the original share, and the topic is still highly relevant and would, in your eyes, benefit the community, you may re-share a topic once again.
  • When sharing a comment from a post (your own or someone else’s), please follow this guide: Does the comment as it will appear on Oppo (e.g. the first paragraph) stand alone, on its own, as a post, which will lead people to want to read more or is self-evident as to why it was shared without any additional context? If it doesn’t meet this, we tend to look negatively at the share, because essentially, it is just noise.

Finally, if you do see a violation of these rules and guidelines:

4. Don’t post complaining about it. It can take some time before an unshare is complete, give it some time. In addition when it is removed your post will be without context and will wind up looking a little “up old man yells at clouds


If it isn’t unshared in a reasonable time, find one of the moderators and bring it to our attention. The easiest way would be to find one of our posts and bring it up there. We can be found at:

Snapundersteer Italianspiderman
For Sweden
Dusty Ventures
Brian, the life of
Crown Victor Victoria
More Power!! And also some brakes
Delta Five Nine
Hammerhead Fistpunch
Arch Duke Maxyenko


You can also email us at or contact us on Twitter.

5. DON’T shit stir, in either direction. This is a violation of the rules and will get you in trouble. i.e. don’t go to a linked post and complain about how this shouldn’t be shared...they probably didn’t share it...or say oppo sent ya. Likewise don’t bring fights back to Oppo in your editorialization, either with authors or commenters.


You can share THIS or other important rules and guides as appropriate and you can find them with the /Tag/RulesOfTheRoad


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