Sharpen all the things

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After farting around for years with different simple sharpeners, I’d decided that the workhorse knife I use most in the kitchen needed a full on overhaul. Bought a set of whetstones (400/1000, and 3000/8000 grit), and set about learning. Thankfully, the workhorse chef knife (nothing fancy) and a couple smaller knives were all in need, and nothing that I was afraid to learn on and possibly fuck up in the process.


While those knives still aren’t pretty, they’re wicked sharp now, rivaling my ‘fancy’ knives, and I’m wishing I had more knives to fix up, now. It’s such a welcome respite from staring at a screen all day. Not having any work today paid off. Next up, I’m probably gonna have to get some 5/10000 wet sand paper to polish the flats of the blades, since they’re all streaked up from various sharpeners, and now it’s pissing me off. 

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