A complete mess.

I just spoke to a friend of mine regarding our mutual friend that passed away recently. The main thing was just to get my iPad back, but I also wanted to check on the status of the will.


Well, she didn’t have one, and to be honest, that didn’t really come as a surprise. She had time, but she just didn’t do it. She didn’t fill out the life insurance paperwork either, so the tens of thousands that she promised to various groups, including the shelter that took in her dogs, will probably not be paid out. She made some promises to me regarding various items she wanted me to have, but the house has already been cleaned out and everything given away, so that’s a no go as well. She didn’t pay her rent for the last few months either, leaving the estate to deal with that mess.

Not surprisingly, she was a bit of a packrat, and the house was a mess. I’d never actually been inside of her place, but I could smell it when she opened the door. Between her hoarding and four dogs the smell grew. Since she was over 400 lbs with bad knees, she rarely cleaned house or took out garbage, further complicating things.


A short ride in her car almost had me gagging due to the odor. She did give her beloved 2007 Element to the friend that was helping her out the last few months, although I don’t know if this was planned. It went to the executor of her estate, but she didn’t want it, and I can understand why. It’s a good car, not nearly in as bad a condition as the one I put in this posting, but it definitely needs some help. The steering wheel and windshield need to be replaced, and apparently the seats have ground-in stains and a stench that probably can’t be fixed. Hopefully we’ll be able to find some replacement parts at a junkyard. I’m wondering if seats from another Honda of that vintage might be able to be swapped in without much work - any ideas?