She gave us a week, and it was wonderful

But our adventure is over now.

The doctors gave us days, maybe weeks. She rallied with some meds, and gave us wonderful days on Friday and Saturday that we’ll always remember. But she stopped eating, and it was time. She could have lasted a few more days, but would have felt worse each one of them. She was just doing it for us. We needed to end it for her.


We’ve never lived in this house without her. She’d have been ten in May. Right now, we’re still noticing how empty it is, and how much it hurts without her. She cared for our two kids like they were her own. She was once attacked and bitten by another dog, and did nothing to defend herself. But a dog once ran barking at our stroller, and she had to be separated from it. Too sweet and gentle to defend herself, but would do anything for us. We’ll miss her more than words can say.

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