She Made It

To work this morning.

1. My axle vibration has gone away, guessing things just needed to settle back into place.


2. My brand new PS pump is cracked and leaking like crazy, new pump on the way.

3. Engine runs great other than what I assume is a failing MAP sensor, which causes it to randomly stumble/lose power.


So still have bugs to work out, but at least she’s running again and can be driven if need be. I’ll park it once I get home until the new PS pump and A/C lines arrive. Change out the pump, install the new lines, have the A/C charged (just needs a charge), and replace the MAP sensor and I should be back on track.

As far as the “Charger” that the wife is against taking on a car payment for:

Pretty much did a “mic drop” last night. Dropped the costs of everything to fix what we currently have, added in the time not spent with the kids, and said “well, we could be enjoying time with the kids right now, but someone doesn’t want a car payment”, then crawled back under the van and went back to work.

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