So in Missouri all Motorcycle plates expire in April, don’t ask me why, it seems crazy to me. It doesn’t cost you any less to register it if you get plates in November, they’ll still expire in April.

Unrelated pic of the bike from a warm late winter day earlier this year

It’s still cheap (only cost me $24 for a two year) so I guess I don’t really have anything to complain about.

I have an old bike (71 CB500) that is ridden regularly so there is probably a thing or two that can fail safety inspection here if they were being sticklers. Which is why I don’t take my bike to a dealer anymore for inspection. They were more concerned with selling me a new bike so they would find any little thing to fail it on. I’ve found a small motorcycle tire shop nearby that is wonderful. I’ve had them do my inspections for the last couple years. As long as the bike is in good condition with working lights and nothing horrid on it, they’ll pass it.

MotoTire is the name of the shop. If you’re in the St Louis area I’d recommend them highly. They’re the service side of a company that makes Motorcycle tire changers.