She plays hard and rests even harder (also we changed her name to Delta, after the airline or the Lancia? We will never know)

Almost 24 hours into cat ownership and it’s great. It helps that she’s probably the most friendly and playful cat I’ve ever seen, and she loves to cuddle and jump on us. Usually cats are super shy and nervous on the first day but she loves us all. Previous owner must have been a dick because when I got the broom to sweep up something, she kept meowing in fear and backing away, even after I put the broom away. I had to be real soft and crouch down with my hands out for her to like me normally again. Something for us to keep in mind as she gets used to living in a house. Anyways, we are going out tonight and we have to leave her by herself tonight to see how she handles herself. It really pained me to go and see her come towards the door as we closed it's gonna suck going to school every morning lol. But yeah. I'm loving this more than I thought I would, as a longtime dog lover.


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