My Rabbit is running! I wish I could take the credit but I can’t. My tenant had some spare time and took at look at it(it was still in my rental’s garage) he’s a VW Guy and an actual mechanic as well. He looked at it for 2 minutes and realized the distributor cap was on backwards... whoops. (That tenant daily drives an Allroad, also has a stanced SC400, and his girlfriend drives an 80s diesel S class. Also he’s 20, also super nice dude)


It’s not quite running right and stumbles at around 3,000 RPM so I’ll have to figure that out. But for now I’m just granny shifting. 0-60 in EVEN SLOWER THAN NORMAL.

needless to say I’m ecstatic to have my Veronica back and my renter just earned himself a discount on next months rent.

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