So after 2 days of having the Rabbit running it’s dead again. This morning I tried to get the timing right, and only made it worse. The timing marks are on the flywheel are way off of where the should be. If I try to line them up, then get the rotor to the #1 position on the distributor it won’t run. I messed with the timing a few degrees off of where it was in both directions, both made t worse. On top of that Yesterday it kept popping out of reverse. It today got stuck in first gear and wouldn’t come out. I went under the hood and manually took it out of gear, and now it’s wont go into any. And the icing on the cake is that smoke pours out of the crank case breather, it’s got a huge amount of blow by, plus it’s leaking oil from everything.

I’m calling it, I’m done with this engine. Not giving up on the car tho. I’m going to do the ALH TDI swap that I’ve wanted to do since I bought the car. I wanted to enjoy the buzzy carbureted has engine while I could, and I did. But I’m done trying to get this warn out tractor engine to live again. I’ve got the engine and trans for the swap, it’ll happen over their winter.

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At least it drove it’s own way from my old garage to the new one. And a meme for your time

Illustration for article titled She’s Dead Jim.

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