She’s Done With Stage 1

Yes she is. Stock metrics:

1/4 mile - 17.3@66mph. Ouch.

We did the new serpentine belt right away as the OEM one was very weathered. Unfortunately the tensioner bolt used by the alternator was super seized and we had to break it off and use a new bolt. However this became beneficial later.

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The brackets supplied ended up working. We twisted the one bracket and put the eyelet through the new tensioner bolt for the belt drive and threw a nut on it. The stock motor mounts are horrendous so the motor rocks a lot. This keeps the intake very solid. We had to cut 3.5” off of the straight part of the pipe. The result is that the filter sits directly in the grille area. You can actually see the filter through part of the grille. So this is indeed a true “cold air” intake.


The bad is that the hood prop rod cannot sit in the holder. Instead it rattles about annoyingly. I’ve removed it lol.

I haven’t got to log IATs yet. But....

New 1/4 mile time on the same road - 16.5@72 miles per hour. This tells me lots of stuff. For one, the stock airbox was massively restrictive. It sat right over top of the cylinder head. Two is that this engine enjoys receiving more air, further making me itch to boost it. Lastly, there’s power on the table. Next to open up the exhaust and see what’s left there.


She sounds incredibly throaty. Nathan and I were laughing hysterically when I was revving it. We’re still dumbfounded at the induction noise it makes. The biggest noticeable gains are the midrange from 4-7k. It’s funny because as it revs out you can actually hear the MIVEC system engage and it makes for a cool noise.

More to come!

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