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He wants a truck with a cupholder armrest

Since I re-fi’d the truck on a 2-year loan for 1/3rd the original interest rate and I’m now keeping it for the foreseeable future, I’ve decided to do at least one upgrade.

So many wires. It’s not as bad now. This is an old pic.
So many wires. It’s not as bad now. This is an old pic.
Photo: Me

Note the center armrest is just a fabric-covered foam loaf with no console or cupholders. (It’s also technically a seat-back, but God knows I’ll probably never actually have six people in this thing.) I have the poor-contractor-spec XL F-150, so they cheaped out on the armrest. I went looking on eBay for the next level up armrest which has both and fits the mounting bracket. At first, all I could find were complete seat units together, and I don’t really need the whole thing. Fortunately, one turned up.

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Photo: Your mom

I think it will be a little darker than the rest of the fabric, but that won’t bother me. The cupholders are the important addition because the ones that pop out from the dash really suck, but it’ll also be nice to have a console to stash small things like my phone and other stuff. I’m going to keep the original piece in case I sell the truck later and someone actually wants the piece that came with it.

The next thing will be to service the A/C. It’s started blowing hot at stoplights but works at all other times, which could be the condenser fan, or low refrigerant or a few other things. I’m also toying back and forth with the idea of replacing the perfectly-fine stereo with an aftermarket unit that incorporates Bluetooth and a backup camera, but I’m not actually sure I want to spend the money. I usually back it into a space or park its big ass out in the boonies of parking lots, so the camera would be a luxury.

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