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Not our shed...too small
Image: Sheds’n’homes

Went and had a yarn with a bloke about a shed today.

Our preference is for a six bay shed. Each bay is 4 metres wide by 9 metres deep. Height at the eave is 3.8 metres and with a 22 degree pitch that’s 5 metres at the ridge. No I don’t do Freedom Units because they are too small.

Four of these bays will be fully enclosed with a concrete floor plus there will be a 3 metre wide concrete apron out front with a lean to roof overhead (shade, and lots of it). These four bays will be split by a dividing wall and each half will be serviced by its own sliding door (because we dont like roller doors). One pair will be for the dirty stuff like cars and wood work while the other will be storage, assembly and other ‘clean’ work’. The remaining two bays will be open fronted and gravel floor for farm machinery like the tractor, implements and the farm ute.


Old Mate shed dude’s estimate came back with $43,000 for the shed, $23,000 for the concrete and another $20,000 to build it. Add in site works, council fees, electrical works and some plumbing plus a bit of negotiation and I suspect that ninety grand will get it done. Gulp! What? How much?

My Beloved who also acts as the Familial Financial Controller said...sounds fair, let’s get a formal quotation...and now I’m thinking 2019 is looking good!


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