Haven't updated the progress on my tii-touring projekt for a while as we're busy rebuilding the engine/transmission, wörking a lot and spending some time at home as my wife is having a six-week-holiday. But good things have happened. And bad things as well. Of course.

Good things: I've gathered some new goodies. First of all I found out that the chrome rings from the rear lights of a Touring are still newly available. Note that the Touring ones (picture above is from great kinja-photograpy post by Ian D. Merritt) differ from the 'regular' 02s as they are a bit bigger. The trunk slightly touches the rings so most used ones have some 'wear' on it.

After some conderations I did order them and they arrived yesterday:


Always a great moment unpacking stuff:

Especially when the goodies are new and I must say: Quite fond to have them this mint:


So far so good for the good news. The transmission rebuild (I'm rebuilding a 5-speed Getrag 245 to swap in) is having some issues.

I had ordered some new bearings, seals, etc. for the rebuild. However, the bearing for the input shaft doesn't seem to fit...

Seems the Getrag 245 for an M20 was slightly different from the 245 of an M10. The input-shaft bearing I got was for an M20. The one for an M10 is out of order and I cannot find anything about it on the interwebs. Note the difference:


The diameter is okay, it's just the 'inner' stuff that differs. The one on the right is the new (M20) one.

Anyone an idea how I can get the needed BMW-part 23 12 1 250 123?