If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln


Or, wait, you’re building a 12' x 24' enclosed structure that isn’t a garage?!

Because reasons! Mostly, though, we just don’t have any place other than our basement to store things like bikes, mowers, rakes, shovels, you know, SHED STUFF. Also firewood.


The basic idea is to have a 7x12 section on each end with some airflow for firewood (about 4 cords each side) and a 10x12 section fully enclosed in the middle for an actual shed. As this is on a slope, the downhill side actually has quite a bit of space underneath; we could toss things under there like kids’ sleds and lawn furniture that we don’t really need to keep dry, but would be nice to have out of the weather a bit.

My hope is that by having this, when we do build a garage in another year or two, one bay won’t be filled instantly with all the other crap that typically clutters up a garage. We plan to build a 3-bay garage, but already we have 4 vehicles, and I currently pay to store my boat in a warehouse in the winter; I’d love to avoid that, and also be able to work on it over the winter.


This shed also means I don’t have to mess around with tarps to get wood in the middle of winter, shoveling snow off and then trying to re-secure it so it doesn’t blow off in the next storm.

Of course, we could use that whole space for things other than wood, but it would be silly to do that when we’ll have a garage in the *hopefully* not-too-distant future.


Also, we just can’t quite bite the bullet on a garage yet; it will involve landscaping, fairly extensive tree and stump removal, driveway expansion, propane tank relocation... yeah. We could have built a simple 2-bay detached garage right where we have a space already, but we hope to be in this location long-term, so we want to do it right, once.

So I’m psyched to have some space in the interim, and a really nice way to store firewood for the long term!

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