*As ‘complete’ as any project really can be, that is. I shared some pics of this a while ago, but now that it’s at least enclosed I thought I’d share again. I’ve been slowly working on organizing the interior, finding places to hang/store all my yard tools, and anything from the basement or under our deck that should be kept dry, but doesn’t need to be kept indoors.

The basic design is 12' x 24' with a 10' wide section in the middle that’s completely enclosed, then 7' wide sections on either end with 4" spaces in the siding to allow for air flow to dry firewood. Each side will hold roughly 4 cords, which is what we burn each winter. The idea is to stack a year ahead, so each year you are burning wood that’s been seasoned over a year, rather than just for a summer or whatever. This is what we do now, just with tarps, and it’s a PITA.

We could have filled this whole thing with junk, so I’m being mindful to keep the center part organized, especially as we keep our riding mower in there, too - which is nearly 6' long and about 3' wide with a 42" mower deck underneath.


Of course, there’s no wood in there at all yet, and I’ve screened in one end to keep critters out (I’ll do the other end next) but meanwhile, it’s serving as a nice little screen porch with slight views through the 4" gaps. See below, but with screens - there’s even a view! It might be hard to convince my wife to fill it with wood until it’s too cold to use the new “porch.”


 There was an old store in my town, probably built around 1900, that has been empty and falling into disrepair for many years. Finally they were going to tear it down; they removed some of the doors and windows, then left them out front for people to take (yes, there was a giant FREE sign). So I stopped and grabbed the best one I could find; not 24 hours later the entire building was gone. So it’s a little piece of hometown history, I guess. Probably laden with lead paint, too.


I cleaned it up (after the pic) and it looks pretty good! It’s quite big for the space, but I love the light and the airflow it allows; I did put a screen in so it doesn’t also allow critters in.

It pains me a little to have built a building that *could* house a car in terms of dimensions, but is not designed, oriented, or intended to do so. That’s next, I guess. The idea was to house all the stuff that usually takes up a whole bay in a garage, so when we do build one, it will be free to be used as intended.

If I get a chance, I’ll take a pic of my ongoing interior organization, it’s quite satisfying to start with a blank canvas like this, building shelves, hooks, etc. and seeing how things all fit together.