Now, I didn’t pay “so much” for my wonderfully vintage 1967 Mercury Cougar Dan Gurney Special (full model noted to allow for maximum effect), but the comments on that FP article have been rather entertaining. A few of the replies have been shared here already.

Amongst many things mention, one thing sticks out. There seems to be a general consensus that pretty much any muscle/pony car is basically a giant pile of crap, barely a step up from a horse carriage (if that), and they will all gleefully be scorched as baby boomers die. They almost get as much scorn as stances vehicles or donks. Funny thing is, when I was in high school, my friends and I wanted these cars. This was before their value shot through the roof, and ratty examples (like mine) were findable if you looked hard enough. Yes, there were cool new cars too, but old V8s are what we desired.

Yes, I get my car will neve be going across an auction block for an exhorbitant price, which is mainly what that article itself is referring to. I’ll be lucky when mine hits a 5 figure price. But you know what, it’s stupid easy to work on. Parts for them (unless you’re going concourse and need rare trim/mechanical bits) are cheap. Now for those cheap prices, I’m not going to have a pro-street canyon carver muscle car. Nor do I want one. Some people just want these cars to cruise in and drive around town.


My brief post here is in response to the comments on the article, and not necessarily related to the article itself.