So maybe this is old news to you. Granted the Prices have been similar for awhile but the 2007-2009 Shelby Gt500 and the 2012-2013 Boss 302 are in a similar price range. Here is proof:

So assuming they will depreciate at a similar rate any time you go to buy a Mustang you will have to ask yourself the question, Boss or Shelby? Both of these cars will one day be so legendary that if it is a matter of investment you'll win either way. But right now if I had to go out and buy one I think my brain might explode. To start off I love Carroll Shelby he is my favorite automotive icon. To own a car that he partly helped design would be a childhood dream come true. Conversely the Boss is supposedly the best Mustang ever according to every magazine out there. Furthermore natural aspiration beats supercharging every time (in my mind anyways). But at the end of the day though I would have to still buy the Shelby. The heritage, the looks, the 500hp engine. It is just too much to pass up.

What would you buy Oppo the Boss or the Shelby?