I put together a free-standing shelf in the basement today for stuff that I’m tired of having laying around. It’s based on a simple but efficient design I figured out quite a while ago (there are several of these shelves in my mother’s basement still) that I modified to fit around the post holding up the living room.

The original design has the rear mirrored off the front, which makes for a slightly stronger and easier-to-assemble unit, but that doesn’t fit around the post holding up my living room.

Materials are 11 2x3's and a single sheet of 7/16" OSB, putting the total cost at about $50 if you include the probably-a-pound of 3-inch screws holding it all together. I still need to make at least one (if not two) more of these for the back room of the basement, for less-often used stuff and some things. It’s very overbuilt for all the more weight that’s on it.


This will probably be packed to the brim within a couple weeks.

I also moved those outlets up about 6 inches, otherwise they would have been perfectly blocked by the shelf. They used to be even with the light switch (the old boxes just have a blank over on them now).

Thank you for reading probably the least-interesting post on Oppo all weekend.