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She's Back form off the Jack Stands

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Image: CaptDale

Yes my C4 is back on the road! You know why she was not running? The coil decided it also wanted to be replaced.... So new coil in and the car runs great!


The lowering kit really made the car look how she should have from the factory. Proper wheel gap really makes this car look so much better. Add that to the new suspension and brake lines and flush she actually handles! I do have to tune the new shocks as they are a little soft atm but now I feel like I could be confident in pushing the car.


One of the few other things I was going to do were the engine mounts. I got a set fo custom solid ones that other people say don’t add much NVH. And after all the work on the Miata (has the same power frame set up) those motor moounts fixed the jumping shifter and I figure would fix mine too. But if you look (image above) on the driver side can you see the mount? Look at image # 2, that bit of foil heat shield is that mount.... yeah wasn’t up for that today.

I figure I have the whole bushing set coming so I will do the mounts then. I also need to do a coolant flush pretty badly, but I think I will pay someone to do that.

Any way going to be testing her out. Review to come.

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