The Taur-ass starter is kaput.

(That awkward moment when the German car is here to rescue the American one)

At first we though it was the negative terminal on the battery again so we replaced that. Nothing. Then we thought the battery was dead so we jumped it. Nothing.


(Guess who’s hood struts are dead? This guy!)

Then her dad gets there and he beats the starter with a hammer. Nothing. Finally he calls AAA and asks for a tow truck. We wait around for an hour and a half (half hour my ass, phone lady) and they send a battery guy instead of a tow truck. He beats the starter with a breaker bar and the damn thing starts! So we took it to her dads work where he’ll be changing it tomorrow as well as recharging the dead AC.

That was a long time to sit out in the heat but at least there was a breeze. Guess the took kit I had my girlfriend buy yesterday for some insurance did a whole load of good, huh?