So yesterday I was finally able to bring the Corvette home. I was going to bring her home on Saturday but the weather had other plans, so between that and finding time to go get her from my parents house I had to wait until yesterday.

She is a 1969 Corvette with the 350 and a 4-spd manual.

Here are a few pictures of her


Here are both of my vehicles. One for work and one for play.

All of my rides in one picture. The daily (truck), the toy (vette), and the project (tractor)


She needs a little love but there are only a few things I want to go over before I’d trust her for regular driving. The radiator needs to be recored as it has a small leak and is over 40 years old. I want to go over the brakes just to check their condition. And lastly she needs new shoes, my dad neglected to mention to me until today that the tires are from the ‘70s...eesh. They look remarkably good considering their age, no dry rot or any signs of degradation, still I don’t want to take a chance.