And the BMW is sold. This bike has been the one that has been in my stable the longest, entering my life in 2012. 7 years long her tenure was with me, with a total of 50k km endured during that time. Never my favorite bike. frankly, if it was up to me, she wouldn’t have come home, but a street triple. but it was her. As all of its flaws, it was a neat little bike. the stock exahust was raspy and would spit if you poked it, the noise not like any other I2 i’ve heard, earning her the nick name “the Bavarian buzzsaw”.

But, she found a new home yesterday night. I dropped her off and I was happy that she was gone.But this morning I opened the garage and the lack of BMW there was....saddening. I wasnt expecting that.

fund from this will go on to pay for the triumph and get rid of some debt. I’m actually tring to bring myself to a 5 bike garage this year. (Daytona, CBF, VFR for a street, a track bike,and a project) so I have to sell the Z still and maybe replace the current track rat.