What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
Illustration for article titled Shes home. But sadly its too dark to take pics today.

Got the Triumph home today. Got some nice replica metal signs for the workshop and he has some old dealership promos and manuals from the 60s so I’m hoping he can get me a corvette piece for my dad so I can check off birthday shopping for him.


Bike needed a good warmup. Idled like junk and hated both full choke and no choke until I rode it in figure 8s in a parking lot for about 20 minutes to get used to it and get the bike good and hot. Once I felt the whole engine had some heat and the front and rear brakes got more responsive, I hit the streets. Prevailing thought - Holy crap this bike is SMOOTH. To borrow a phrase from Mr. Regular when driving a Jaguar - it doesn’t accelerate, it advances. Unlike that Jag, the triumph actually builds speed briskly. But not in a surge. More like you look down and you’re doing 35 and then look up and give a slight twist and you look down and you’re doing 65 and you didn’t feel it one bit.

Only issues are related to the bike’s stance vs. the KLR. I can flat foot a KLR which is a stupidly tall bike. So imagine my surprise to find myself with serious bends in the knees at stoplights...Oh well. She’s home and she’ll be taken care of now.

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