First time road legal in two years. Took a while to get her to start, but finally fired up. Went for a little cruise to air the tires up, and wash the first layer of dirt off. The rear-view mirror fell off driving down the road, probably due to sitting outside for a year. I kept it running while at the car wash just in case it died, but it died mid-wash anyways and didn’t want to start again. I had to call the neighbor to give me a jump. It started up fine the next day, then was completely dead later on. I replaced the battery, so far - so good.

The to-do list is pretty long. Just to get it road worthy, I need to:

  • Fix the brakes (pulls hard to the right when trying to stop) Left caliper was stuck, has been replaced.
  • New shocks/struts - ordered, should be delivered by the time I get home from work.
  • Fix the steering (it tends to wander about), wearing the inner edge of the front tires.

Then the non-safety related list:

  • Tune the 5.0 (get the most I can out of it while I save up for an LS swap)
  • New door locks
  • Fix driver side interior door handle.
  • Sub-frame connectors
  • Fix the short in the stereo.
  • New rear spoiler
  • New window motors (slow as molasses)
  • Weatherstripping for driver side door.
  • Redo the front seats
  • New hatch struts, adjust the hatch motor.

Down the road:

  • LS swap
  • New paint.

My goal is for it to be my summer DD, occasional test and tune drag runs at Gateway, and maybe some autocross.