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She's Perfect Again

I finally replaced the door. The one from the donor car was a perfect match. Aligning the latch required a bit of guess work though, I eventually got it aligned.

*Please excuse the potato, I took this photo just before sundown last night*


So, here's what I took from the donor car:

  • Passenger Door
  • Passenger Door Glass
  • Passenger Door Window Linkage
  • Passenger Door Exterior Handle & Linkage
  • Passenger Door Interior Handle & Linkage
  • Passenger Door Lock Linkage
  • Passenger Door Latch
  • Hinge Bolts

And what I transferred over from my door:

  • Passenger Side View Mirror
  • Passenger Door Card
  • Speaker
  • Electrical Boot
  • Passenger Door Hinge
  • Passenger Door Lock
  • Passenger Door Window Winder

Transferring the lock over was incredibly annoying. I had to fish my hand into the door cavity and maneuver the linkage onto the lock without being able to see what I was doing, and don't even get me started on removing the bracket so I could pull the lock out. That was its own headache.


Here's what the door looked like before I fixed The dent:


And so this never happens again, I installed a couple of these:


They rotate 360 degrees and have a pitch to them so I may even be able to use them for towing, granted probably not very well.


I just cant get over how good the black grille looks:


It almost looks factory! And yes thats My Brother's car parked next to mine, He's down from Boulder until tomorrow.

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