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Shhh, Be Quiet, It's a V12 Jaguar In It's Natural Habitat

On ramps, in the garage, awaiting service. That's just a V12's resting state.

This car has been down for too long, really...I haven't had it in a regularly driveable state in almost a year. So this weekend I'll finally get down to business and swap in the new voltage regulator, which should at least make it driveable.


After that, I've got a short list of things to fix: fuel changeover valve, sending unit for the left side fuel tank, and finally remove the stupid charcoal canister system installed when the car came over from Germany in 1989.

Also, can anybody recommend a good tire? I've got some ancient Pirellis on the car, and I love the way they look because the sidewall is so minimal. They're not dry rotted at all, but they have to be 12 years old at this point. Maybe Coker Tire has something for me? Pirelli doesn't seem to make this model anymore.

Oh, and Corvair update: some time last night on eBay, the reserve was met at $1,600. Then sometime after that, it went up to $2,025. So it's already up to 2.5x what I paid for the car...not bad for a small investment a few months ago.

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