The SuperGT and JGTC, Mazda veteran unfortunately lost the race with grim reaper. On May 25th he checked into the hospital due to worsening conditions and he suddenly passed away on the following day.

Yamaji got into headlines in 1998, for being not only a fast driver but a great human being, too.

After Tetsuya Ota's horrific crash at Fuji, just after the start, it was the yellow RE Amemiya RX-7 driven by Shinichi Yamaji, that stopped in front of the Ferrari while the other cars drove on. Yamaji used a fire extinguisher from the side of the track to extinguish the fire and then helped to release Ota's safety harness. He did this before race marshals arrived

We salute you too Yamaji-san...

And remember kids, winning is the most important thing in racing, but sportsmanship and doing the right thing, are just as important.