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Shiny things - explain them

Back when I was a kid, I was fascinated with unusual tools. Bulldozers, excavators, big trucks... and of course welders.

One day my neighbor was welding something and I was rather close. For safety he asked me to step waaaay back. So I did, but I kept watching what he was doing thinking I was safe distance away.


Next morning, it felt like I had sand in my eye balls. It hurt. It was uncomfortable. Dad told me I caught the light bunnies - those innocent light spots reflected off small shiny things like a watch or small mirror are called light bunnies in Russia.

Fast forward few decades, I learned that welding emits ultraviolet light which basically gives your eyes sun burn - just like your skin burns in strong sun without protection.

So here is the question - when I am watching Youtube videos of people welding, I see strong light, but it’s not hurting me.

Am I new superhero - WeldingMan?
Am I immune to this trickery now?

Probably not.

More likely UV rays don’t transmit over video recordings. And if that’s the case - why?


Is it the light sensor in camera? Can it be improved to a point it can capture and re-transmit? Give my enemies a good sunburn of the eyes?

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