What's the easiest way to ship a seat? I cleaned up and sold the driver's seat in this pic over The Internets, but now I have to figure out how to ship it.

The biggest problem is that this one's heavy—about 50 ridiculous pounds of mid-80s luxury grand tourer nonsense. If it was lighter, I could've just handed if off to the FedEx store for packing—they did an awesome job with the last set of wheels I had to send off. But this? I could barely drag it in front of the Mac in the living room. No way could I take this downstairs without hurting both it and me.

Also, how do I keep the parts that stick out (seat rails + seat belt buckle) from getting broken off in the mail?

I'm thinking about dropping by a couple auto shops this afternoon and asking if they have any spare seat boxes that make these less likely to get pulverized in the mail—I know I see those sometimes when people order a new seat in. It's a cool seat. I'm a little sad to see it go.......just kidding. I was never going to hook up the flippin' sweet butt heater in front of my computer anyway, and I like money.

So, any advice on how to ship this baby unharmed?