Just got word from my mom that my great grandfather passed away. He more or less raised my mom and I have always looked up to him. Came from a working class family in Pittsburgh, was almost saintly in how good a guy he was. Lots of stories I could go into, I won't right now, though. Instead I'll keep it car related. He was always humble and down to earth, as reflected in his choice of cars. Chevy Fleetline, Ford Falcon, Plymouth Valiant, AMC Gremlin, Dodge Daytona, pretty much the entire Chrysler era Eagle lineup, Taurus, Intrepid, Cavalier, Malibu, and lastly a Hyundai Tuscon, he was never flashy, although my stepdad offered to gift him a Cadillac several times. Here's to you, Howard J. Shrum, godspeed wherever the universe takes you next.

In lieu of "my condolences" comments, post cars he woulda liked, cars I would like, or some unholy combo of the two. Seems more fitting for this place.