I just found this on one of my local Craigslist pages:

The Vehicross is one of my dream cars. I’ve loved it forvever, but it’s never the right time and never the right price. But now, I mean I think it might be both?

He says in the ad that the transmission lines are rotted, and that the tranny itself MIGHT not be junk. I need clarification on that because it really should be one or the other. Did the transmission shit the bed and the lines rotted while it was sitting, or are the rotted lines the reason it’s been sitting? That’s an important distinction.

But it’s probably my second favorite color combo right after white with red. It looks like it’s in decent shape, a little rust but not too bad. Interior looks really good.


Ideally I’d sell my Yukon and buy it, but I can’t be without a vehicle that I can move my son with...I can move him with the Vehicross if the Vehicross works, but that’s kind of a crapshoot.

I guess I could sell the black Miata, but the Vehicross, fix it, sell the Yukon, and put that money into the red Miata? I don’t like the idea of selling any Miatas, so that doesn’t work well for me.


Eh, I’ll see if the guy even emails me back.