So, this is it. The entries are in, and it's time to vote.

Thanks to ScoobSTi Doesn't Have An STi, recommendations won't be counted as votes.

Instead, we're doing a poll.

Below are the entries and the poll itself.

Choose wisely, because you only get one vote.

Stapleface's Mirage-amino

Turbo666's Martini Mirage


ScoobSTi Doesn't Have An STi's Dark Twisted Rally Fantasy (I came up with the name myself)

Arch Duke Maxyenko, can't into's WRC Mirage


Camry-into-Canyon's Chopped, Dropped, and Rollin' Mirage

Denver_80222's brown 3-door Jalop Mirage


PheeNoIVI's Clean cut Mirage

Makara's 'Murica Mirage (a late entry, but I'll give an exception just this once)