Backstory: Some of you may recall that my wife is considering getting a new car, and that I was excited when she said that she wanted a Fiat 500. Well, she is wavering in the 500 a little, because we are currently trying to have kids and we might want something a little more practical (despite the fact that we have 2 other kid-friendly cars...). I am being very hands-off with the whole process, because I want her to get exactly what she wants without any of my meddling (and hopefully that means that she will return the favor next time I am in the market for a car).

This weekend, she is out running errands, and I am at home working on my bikes when I get a call from her (total wife move, by the way, to call the SECOND she has an idea that she wants to tell me about) and drops this bomb on me:

Wife: "I've decided I should get a Prius."

JWW: *stunned silence*

Wife: "A blue one"

JWW: "uhhhh, ok..."

Wife: "That or a 4Runner..."


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So to recap, so far, the only three cars that my wife has decided to cross-shop so far are: Fiat 500, Prius, and 4Runner. I have no words. I have zero idea what goes through my wife's head. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out...