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Shitposting my US football opinions.

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Southern teams are a bunch of pussies. That’s what my opinion is really boiling down to. For the sole reason that the majority of southern teams all have domed stadiums and the northern teams mostly have open stadiums. This runs contrary to what we might think should be the way. Open stadiums represent the play of what real football is all about. Outdoor slugfests in all weather. Kickers compensate for wind. Players change cleats for the rains or snows. Home field advantage means something and that’s part of the damn game. One-Hundred years of the NFL and we have stadiums becuase some teams don’t like to play in the rain or cold? Football is tough. Play like it is.


Minnedota, Seattle, Detroit. They have domes. Green Bay, plays outside. New England, plays outside. Chiefs, play outside and have what is about the loudest stadium. And that’s outside. Oh yeah, The Bills! If any case was made for a stadium for “protection” against elements, Buffalo is that, but guess what? Oh my god! They play outside! Still!

No. This domed football bullshit must end. They must always play outside. Rain? Tough shit. Snow? Tough Shit. It’s not perfect weather to watch a game? Grow up and put on a coat and go to the game. Learn a lesson from Green Bay and Buffalo and learn how it’s done.

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