Shitty day...

...and it’s only 9 AM.

So far:

Wake up at 5 (normal time, it makes sense shhhh), make breakfast and lunch, head to campus (grad school yall). So far, so good.


Get to the engineering building 6:27. Card won’t scan and let me in. Run into a coworker, his ID won’t scan either. Oh well, I’ll just put my lunch in my gym locker and get it to the fridge after when the building unlocks for everyone.

6:35. Get to the gym. Finish bench, go to OHP, and as I start set 3... unmanagable pain, no warning. What the fuck. Try to massage it out. I thought I was good so I went to the next lift and... nope. So I stopped and limped back to my locker. Limp to the lab. Oh, sweet, my lab access expired. Great.

So I go back to my car to go home. I have a new parking pass, but when I bought it, they mailed the wrong one. Called parking services. “Oh, you shouldn’t have even been able to buy a pass for that lot. Come in and we’ll exchange your pass for this other lot that is as far a walk as street parking.” Note that I only bought that pass because the lot was right next to the engineering building.

On the plus side, I was able to make enough of a stink that their system would sell me the wrong pass that they refunded my money. They said it would be in my bank in 5-7 business days, which... Why so long? We’ll see if it actually shows up.


So yeah, four hours into today and I'm ready for bed. 

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