Started a new job (sys admin for 6 engineering labs) about three weeks ago to replace the current person that’s either moving up or is going to retire.

A couple of days ago I stop by the mans desk and I see a BMW key, so I ask him what he’s got.

“2002 330i. I love the car, great engine, but some of the stupid things they did, like plastic pieces inside the door connecting two metal parts of the window mechanism, that was fun to fix. Luckily we work with a couple hundred engineers with the ability to make just about anything.”



Today, while waiting for AutoCAD 2018 installers to download, at a blistering 200k to 300k, so I’ve got some time, I see very familiar oval and square keys on his desk, so I jokingly ask if he drove the beater, because those are Ford keys.

“Oh, that’s my 91 Taurus SHO Plus. That’s the car I usually drive. Had the engine rebuilt at 200k and the thing still gets the same MPG as it did originally. Performance is pretty equal to the BMW.”

“Plus? Never heard of a SHO Plus.” Tells me what makes it a Plus.

In case you want to know:


I tell him how I used to borrow my parents Taurus, which was not a SHO, rotten egg smell and all, and occasionally my dad would let me borrow the 280ZX, the first 2 door I ever drove...

He says “I had a 1970 240z and a then another later 240 that I bought the year before they turned them in to something I wouldn’t buy”.


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