Shocking the 2011 Mazda 3 Base: Monroe, Gabriel, KYB or Sachs?

So here’s a picture of the Mazda 3 I bought last week. We took it for an extended drive yesterday, finally, and I find the ride to be unacceptably harsh, and the road noise to be unacceptably high, but at $4,200 and 132k miles, I still think I’ve spent my money well. I’m considering replacing the stock shocks and struts. The top mounts on the rears are loose, which I’m told is a thing, but all four seem to still be doing their (stock) job.

Rock Auto has KYB GR-2/Excel G for this car, but I would have to disassemble/reassemble the struts to replace them. Mounts, boots, all of that. Done it a number of times, not that big a deal, and the KYB is always my go-to first choice.


Monroe and Gabriel and Sachs all offer a complete strut assembly which sure is easy to install.

What are your thoughts on any of this? I do not need a performance ride because this car is plenty nimble for a fifty-something couple’s needs.

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