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Shoe-ppositelock: My Personal Endorsement goes to Kizik

Let me start out by saying that I’m not a fan of pricey pretentious shoes. I buy shoes based on how durable and utilitarian they are on my feet, and keep a few pairs around for dress occasions. I tend to wear one pair out and then buy another pair. When I do buy a pair that’s over 60 bucks, it’s because I trust the brand and already know they last a long time.

But I’m so pleased with the set I have right now that I thought I’d share.


There aren’t a lot of shoe design variations. There aren’t a lot of colours, and most of them are way above my usual shoe budget.

But these are literally the most relaxing, comfortable casual shoes I’ve ever tried. I thought these were a gimmick at first, but I did some digging around and they were on sale at Zappos, so I thought I’d give them a try.


The heels have a flexible brace so when you press on them, they pop back up. The laces are built in and adjustable but the default settings worked well for me. The insoles are comfier and more supportive than anything I’ve tried from Dr Scholls. This shoe doesn’t require a break in, and every other shoe I’ve ever owned has needed a break in.

I’m not even a fan of brown shoes, but I’ve literally walked everywhere in this. I may lose weight from the extra walking. I suggest you check them out.


Disclaimer: I get no money from you buy anything so buy whatever you want, but I’ve never owned a pair of shoes better. I also have a pair of “Indestructible” Shoes coming in that I will also share info about later.

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