I definitely have my work cut out for me, but luckily they all seem like relatively small jobs. Just finished a semi-thorough inspection of the car and compiled a to-do list.

Here goes:

  • replace scratched up windshield
  • replace brakes
  • replace fuel lines
  • change fuel line brackets
  • replace leaking valve cover gasket
  • replace oil pan gasket
  • change engine oil
  • change gearbox and differential oil
  • clean out oil filter
  • replace headlight mounts and screws with correct ones
  • install new headlight seals
  • replace wiper blades
  • lower fuel tank and inspect for rust/leaks
  • replace door locks
  • replace rubber supports for bonnet and rear lid
  • replace the alternator/oil filter drive belt
  • take off and wash all upholstery, reinstall using new clips
  • readjust rear lid hinges (the lid catches on the bodywork when closing)
  • replace driver's seatbelt
  • install a 12V outlet
  • install a radio and speaker
  • restore window frames
  • (possibly) replace the fuel sensor and/or gauge cluster (fuel gauge indicates full as halfway full)
  • inspect steering box
  • readjust door hinges
  • replace FIAT badges with new ones

If all of those go well and I decide to keep the car for longer I'll also probably sort out the paintwork as currently it's scratched up quite badly and has a few dings. I'll also consider replacing bumpers with nicer ones.

So far I've only drained the old washer fluid and topped it up with a winterised one, changed all the iffy bulbs, readjusted the handbrake cable, changed the gas pedal spring and topped it up with oil.

Anything else you guys think I should do to it either to make it cooler, nicer or just better in general? Aside from putting a head bobbing dog on the rear shelf. That's a must. :P