or give me a beer....now that I think of it, the beer would be much perferred. sit back kids for a story and do what the internet is best at, give me your opinion on how much of an asshole I am.

I woke up this morning to no power....again. It had been two days now. I had just gone food shopping so there was a fridge full of food for the next week or two. The kids have nothing to do, no where to go. I’m sick of life. I crawl out of bed and call to get an update on the power. maybe by midnight. fawk this shit.


This is where the real fun begins. I decide to get coffee and donuts for the family. I won’t mane the place, but it would be a place you would go if you had a donut and you would want to dunk it in something, maybe coffee. I order go to grab my wallet and “oh shit I dont have my wallet” I get to the window and ask if I can bring the stuff home, get my wallet and come back to pay. NO. ok can I leave my phone as collateral, bring the stuff home to the family and come back and pay and get my phone back? NO. frustrated I take off, go home get my wallet get back in line, order and get back to the window. The woman says she wont serve me. (in my head i told her to go fuck about 50 different rusty objects overed in covid) I dont even try to argue, I ask for the manager “I am the manager” why I came back I have money I have no power, i promised kids donuts and the wife coffee. You flipped off the last person at the window and you were rude. I probably wasn’t rude, but I sure did not flip them off and I told her she can go check the camera. She then gave me a lecture about how special she is for doing her job during a pandemic. I said sure that’s great we should all be working together to get thru this. I have a job to go to right now and now i’m late and your just making everything worse by causing a big problem over a donut. She said i owe the staff an apology but can have my food. I sure as hell didn’t apologize, thanked her for my food and left.

So what do you think? am I am asshole? I’m pretty sure I’m not but I’ve been wrong before.


thanks for your time, have a pretty car.

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