Shop Buying - New prospect and re-looking at the old

In my continuing quest to relieve myself of all of my money, I heading out Sunday to look at a prospective property to build a shop on. This one is 8.6ish acres about 24 minutes from the house.

Despite being really quite pretty looking, having a small stream and a small pond, and generally being in a good location the seller isn’t asking stupid money for it. I can only assume it is actively on fire or 90% easement. I should say it isn’t cheap either. It is firmly in the territory of “reasonably priced” which isn’t a thing I’ve been seeing lately.


Sadly, like the others, this one has no utilities on site so I would be at least 6 months out before I’d have a usable place to store cars.

Which brings me to...

Reconsidering the Fever Dream

My last update I posted about a 10 acre plot super close to the house with a shop already on it. At the time I described it as:

I just... the whole inside feels like a fever dream of a methed out toddler.

...and I feel that is still the case.

That said, they’re asking a reasonable price for it, I could immediately move cars in, and the bonkers nature of it leaves a lot of possibilities.


Also, I recently came to the realization I don’t have to keep it. For some reason I had it in my head that if I buy something I have to keep it forever. While this is probably a good vetting process, it also means I might be being too picky.

So... stay tuned?

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