Shop Drama


pic related: A seat sitting in the shop.

So the guys in the back work piecework with a base hourly rate as backup. If a leather installer produces four rows of seats per day, they typically make about 30% higher than their fallback hourly wage - what they were paid per hour before piecework started.


It’s been good for both the shop and the installers because they can do 10 cars in a day, only working about 6.5-7 hours.

Yesterday, all but three guys left at about 3 because their scheduled work was done for the day. One of the cars that was scheduled for today arrived at 3:15, so the three remaining installers did the whole car.

This took money - 2 hours worth of work - from the two guys who left when their scheduled work was done.

Huge drama. I’m glad I didn’t have to play bouncer. The three guys who stole work from the other two are headed home.


So - those of you who work in a production environment: How has your shop drama been lately?

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