My ongoing quest to find a wrenching place took another step: I looked at two 10 acre plots today. Both with shops and living accommodations. Both about the same price.

Site A - 10 acres- 15 min from home

I’ve driven by this place once before, the day my Land Rover overheated, and was low-to-mid impressed. Long, narrow, scrubby lot with no real trees to speak of and a lot of trash.

Despite being a 10 acre lot, the shop was built right on the road because of course it was. The neighbors look, I am going to use this word a lot today, interesting, which is fun.

The shop is approximately 30x40 with one overhead roll door. The heat/AC are immaculate the rest...


The partial tiling (not well pictured) is what kills me. Also everything else. It is like they were finishing the thing only with what they could steal while no one was looking. Like that Johnny Cash song...

The inside of the shop is... well it is a mess. I have no fucking clue what is going on here. There is siding “decorating” the ceiling line. Some of the wall is chip board, some is semi-finished dry wall, some is “other”. The kitchen is partially finished but in a way to still make it look usable while also being completely unusable.


I just... the whole inside feels like a fever dream of a methed out toddler.

So... moving on.

Site B - 10 acres - 30 min from home

This one is partially wooded and fenced with a small (two car) garage/ shop, a 12x14 tiny house, a single wide trailer home, and a pad for a double wide. Three septics, two rural water taps, and water well. Talk about overkill!


It also comes with a medium sized shared pond. Not big enough to like... do anything with, but still cute.

The shop was nothing to speak of. Well built and well insulated, but made in such a way that putting a lift in would be impossible without modifying the structure.


The tiny house had an amazing deck (not shown :-( )and was indeed tiny. Looks like they were using it for storage and mixing boutique vape juice.

Or possibly meth.


The trailer was a trailer. Apparently it was built in 2007. I have no additional comments.

The grounds were about perfect. Moderately wooded, open, and big. There was a huge stone fire pit and a cute little fenced garden. I liked it!


While this place doesn’t do what I am looking for, if it were 10 minutes closer to the house I’d be writing a formal offer right now.

Alas, I think more looking is in order. Plenty of fish shops in the sea rural Oklahoma.