Shop Quest - Could this be the one?!

Short answer: maybe. Today I looked at a new listing that has a shop, house, and a decent asking price. This... might be my newest failure.

The Good

  • Existing 30 x 40 insulated shop with decently high ceilings, electric, and three roll doors.
  • House is tidy, but small, with new AC and an 80s refresh throughout.
  • Lot is 0.5 acres, which is just about perfect, and well fenced.
  • Location is 15 min from my house, 22 min from work.
  • The immediate neighborhood is good.
  • Asking price of $91,000 is well within my budget.

The Bad

  • The neighborhood is really bad. Like... wow.
  • The roads in are also pretty bad.
  • The front room of the house seems to have structural issues, with a pretty significant dip visible.
  • The shop is built with the roof done in such a way expanding would/ will be kind of a pain.
  • House is 1000 sqft, which would be challenging for resale.


I DON’T KNOW! Certainly the best I’ve looked at, by far, and the price is right. Neighborhood is somewhat sketch, but the shop nor the house showed signed of being fucked with. Also not the worst I’ve considered either.

I think I drive out there at dusk and see how I like it. Otherwise... put in an offer?


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