Shop Quest - DISAPPOINT!

No matter the property, it is always worse than it appears in pictures. After searching for a shop for almost two years now, I’m not sure how I haven’t learned that yet. Today I went to visit the shop I was very excited about. It did not go well.


On first blush was encouraged. When I rolled up there was another couple taking a look. Also a dog! However, it went downhill when my realtor arrived.

“Did you get the inspection report I sent?” She asked with a concered look.

I had not. Turns out the reason the last sale fell through is the house is, essentially, a tear down.

Here are some highlights from the inspection:

Major Defect, Evaluate - Several indications show that movement has occurred on this home. ( Cracks in stone, cinder blocks not installed properly, no cement footings, soft spots on flooring, leaning floors and door jams. ) This is a structural concern, and may be an indication that settlement is ongoing.

Repair/Maintain - Water damage and bare wood was found around the entire structure. Evaluate and make repairs as necessary, replacing all damaged wood and paint to seal out water.

Repair/Replace, Evaluate - Tile in the bathroom shower has major damage. A qualified contractor should evaluate and repair/replace as necessary.

Safety, Repair/Replace, Evaluate - Evidence of “heavy” rodent infestation was found in one or more areas. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines this as more than 20 feces per square foot.


Termite inspection also came up positive. So... you know... Cool.

Walking around the house all of the doorways were at odd angles, the floors had perceptible dips and swells, and one bedroom had a significant “pit” where the floor had sagged several inches.


Needless to say the previous buyers backed out as the bank which owns the property refused to lower the price or pay for repairs.


Not that it matters, but the shop was nice and even had a bathroom, though no indication that the bathroom was functional.




The 2nd structure was actually a barn, pictured above, and was also in reasonably good shape. Also there was a pump jack which is... a thing.


I won’t lie... I’m a little crushed. Apparently when approached about the repairs, the bank responded in the traditional fashion:

Apologies to whoever I stole this from

My realtor is going to let the selling agent I’d pay $40k, but otherwise am uninterested.

The quest continues.

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